Floor Coating

With constant willingness & eagerness for new innovative developments & with great encouragement, support, faith & confidence shown from our valuable clients, we have also started executing assignments for Epoxy Floor Coating, Epoxy-PU Floor Coatings, etc.

The biggest challenges for flooring systems in manufacturing facilities are generally the production areas. The floor not only has to withstand severe exposure, including mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses, but also needs to provide the right degree of slip resistance to meet health and safety requirements.

We select or recommend the design of Floor Coating after studying certain considerations as under

Basic Floor Finish Selection Criteria:
End user’s continuing or programmed operational requirements
Expected or given site conditions, i.e. new construction, repair or maintenance
Additional construction work
Financial considerations

Traffic and Mechanical Wear:
This refers to the physical requirements for mechanical resistance measured as abrasion. Often the greatest wear or exposure occurs in localized areas. Trucking aisles or sections around specialized plant, for example, may require different or additional treatment to the surrounding general floor area.

Impact Resistance, Point Loading:
In areas of industry where goods are handled in specific spaces, such as production lines, warehouses, loading bays etc., compressive loads are generated by the movement of goods on trucks, pallets etc. Damage may occur if no allowance is made for the resultant high point loads on the floor. It is essential to ensure that the stresses generated are not higher than the strength of the flooring material and its substrate.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
Easy cleaning generally means that dirt can be removed by normal dry or wet cleaning methods. To ensure that flooring stays in the best of shape and gives years of satisfaction, we provide fully detailed recommendations for the cleaning and maintenance of all of our flooring systems.

Cost:Performance Analysis:
Floor design is a critical process. Sufficient attention is paid to the design of the floor and the selection of floor finishes. Floors are often only considered after the commissioning or even installation of new plant and machinery. This may well be in accordance with capital expenditure. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship. “Service” for us means fulfilling all the needs of our customers, wherever and whoever they are, as efficiently and promptly as possible.